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Michele Nosari

Business Pricing & Revenue Consultant

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I am on a mission to support working women in making informed and confident decisions about their financial well being.

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Tackled Past Debt

Paid off Credit Cards and Student Loans and made a plan to be debt free.  They understand the cost of their debt vs other goals.

Launched a Business

Successfully set up business accounts and launched their business including pricing, product offerings, marketing, networking, beta clients, and their first sale

Small Business Revenue Forecast

Evaluated and adjusted pricing of products and services to create an annual budget that included a roadmap to a consistent salary.


Negotiate a Raise

Successfully coached clients through pitching and receiving a 15% or more pay increase.

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About Me

Michele Nosari:

Business Pricing Consultant

I'm Michele and I am on a mission to support working women to create a confident plan with their money choices in business and in life. 

I work with small business owners to transform their passion and mindset from a hobbyist to business owner.  We work together to set up systems to launch, and then create habits to form a foundation so their business is poised to scale.

I am an expert at weeding through the clutter to uncover clarity in your business plan. I leverage the same pricing and forecasting tools I used in my corporate career to help small business owners create a financial roadmap for their business that provides clarity and confidence. 

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