Online Coaching

with Michele Nosari

Personal Finance Coach

I help Working Women make Confident
Money Choices to Get a Plan to Achieve their Dreams

Client Accomplishments

Created a personal spending plan and budget to 

Spend Confidently

Paid off Credit Cards and Car Loans.  Made a debt pay off plan

Combined Finances with Partner and implemented healthy family conversations

Made a confident decision on a big ticket purchase while still impacting other saving and debt pay off goals. 

Saved Stratgicially to reach a short term savings goal

About Michele

Personal Finance Coach

I'm Michele and my specialty is guiding working women to answer their next money question. 

My clients are ready to stop winging it financially,  get a plan to get ahead.  My clients want more choices in their future. 

Throughout my career, I've been leading corporate teams to design and activate successful revenue strategies for business.  But like I always told my employees, I believe the the most important financial plan is the one you build for yourself​

I am an expert at weeding through the clutter to uncover clarity in your personal finance path.

Working in Cafe

The Journey of Financial Health

begins with understanding where

you have been and where you are.  

Then confidently choose where you want to go.  

Client Testimonials

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 8.37.21 PM.png


I'd definitely recommend Michele to anyone who is trying to either save money for something specific, or just set up a budget to make sure you're moving in the right direction for retirement."


Autumn & Dennis

Working with Michele helped us have a common language so we could better express our financial decisions and desires.


She also helped

us take a much more comprehensive look at our current situation as well as what might be needed in the future to help us create a long term plan.



Michele's financial knowledge and excitement stand out. She provides great tools, workbooks and discussions to create a mindful connection to your spending, saving, and financial behavior.


Lara & Jonathan

I brag about the transparency we now have in our relationship when it comes to finances and friends wish they had the same. It has been a game changer to have a clear understanding where money is and where it is going.

More Client Accomplishments

Preopared for meeting with Financial Advisors about retirment plans to show up confidently and use time effectively.

Opened an emergency fund and started saving consistently with specific goals identified. Reached goal earlier than target date
Made a confident change to spending choices to support current values.

Tracked, and then increased, Net Worth via strategic choices in saving, spending and investing. 

Estimated future tax bill and saved in advance including making strategic changes to tax withholdings.

Let's talk. 
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